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My Pain-Free Secret

Every day I drink 4 ounces of 
redox molecules! 

What are Redox Molecules? 

They are like micro cell phones--the communication system in your cells. They have 3 functions: 

  • Heal sick cells
  • Get rid of cells that can't be healed
  • Create billions more

My mom died a week after my 60th birthday. This was a wake up call for me and my health.
On the day of her funeral, I made a vow to myself. Watch the video and I'll tell you what that vow was. I have kept this for nearly six years.  

This simple video gives a quick  explanation about the molecules that help to heal your cells 

My Personal Results

After nearly six years, simply drinking an average of 2 ounces of redox molecules twice a day, my life is improved with:

  • No prescription medication protocols
  • No over-the-counter pain relievers 
  • No daily persistent pain
  • No doctor visits for illnesses
  • No more bio-identical hormone treatments
  • No illness--even when much of the world was affected
  • Improved energy levels and stamina
  • ​Better Sleep
  • Money saved by not visiting doctors or emergency room
  • ​Time saved by not standing in line for prescriptions, doctors visits, and emergency rooms

ASEA daily drink combined with Renu 28 gel:

The combination of both kinds of redox molecules hastens the healing process. Here are some of my experiences: 

  • Tooth pain in the middle of the night
  • ​Sinus inflammation
  • Sore joints
  • ​Burns from my baking adventures
  • ​Bruised ribs from a fall
  • ​An accident with automatic car windows
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Nightly leg cramps
  • ​Hip to leg aching muscle issues
  • ​A flying leap at the tennis club (watch for a video on that!)

Read what others have experienced

"I'm in my 50s, and had a hysterectomy about 3 years ago. Then for about 2 years, I had many troubles. Sleep was a big issue. I had very low energy, instances where I would fall asleep around 2 to 3 in the morning and had to get up at 7 or 8. I was drinking lots of coffee to stay awake. It was a horrible cycle .When I was introduced to redox molecules, I was skeptical, to say the least. I was not trusting anything because I tried so many other things already. I tried over-the-counter pills, drinks and more but nothing really worked.
I went ahead and started drinking them, and believe it or not, the first day I started I slept through the night. I was still skeptical because I thought how could this be? I continued drinking because I was feeling better – not just sleeping but I had more energy. I was going through the day, I was exercising more, I was awake during the day and had that extra burst of energy that a good night sleep does for you."

"I had a health challenge of abnormal cells in my left lung.I had been taking redox molecules for about 4 years, 2 ounces twice a day, I increased to 32 oz a day. About half way through my treatment my doctor said, ‘I know that you’re getting this alternative treatment. I know I said that I wasn’t a fan of what you’re doing – but maybe I don’t know everything.’ For a doctor to admit that was really something. At the end of April, I had a CAT scan; the growth of cells had reduced by 75%. Then in June, I had a PET scan and they said that everything was clear." 

"I had taken prescription Celebrex for 5 years and have been afraid of the side effects. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, & degenerative disc disease and tried to go off it a couple of times and couldn’t get past one week. The pain got intense. My tests showed I was in the first stages of kidney disease.
I have been using redox molecules now for 2 months.
I have noticed more clarity & energy, almost a feeling of euphoria compared to how I felt prior. I went off of Celebrex over a month ago while taking these redox molecules. I now have no more back & leg pain, and the arthritis symptoms have gone.”  

"At 77 years of age, my health issues were beyond repair so I thought!!! My entire life I have had digestive problems: hiatal hernia, acid reflux, stomach distress, spastic colon.I started taking redox; seasonal allergies, inflammation of the airways, wheezing, and other inflammations, are now gone."

"14 years ago I hurt my back by pushing something very heavy with my knee. The L5-S1 disk exploded spraying disk matter on my sciatic nerve.
I had physical therapy, injections, and other painful procedures. I had 3 disk surgeries. The 3rd surgery was a disk fusion which stabilized the disk from further damage.
But nothing could stop the pain. I lived in constant pain. I could no longer work. I could not sit or stand for long periods in one spot, and anytime I pushed myself it would take weeks of bed rest to recover. I started redox molecules when my daughter started using them.
After 2 weeks, I had more energy and stamina.
Now after 6 months, I am off all pain meds, muscle relaxers, and sleep medications which I had been taking around the clock for over 14 years!! I have been off ALL meds for over two years now!"

 "I am no longer taking any medications at all! Now my body can function the way it was designed to. Even my digestion and bowels are now back to normal! My doctor did my blood work and said, 'your blood work is perfect. You’re going to outlive me.” ”  

How to use ASEA

  • Can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated.
  • Do not drink directly out of the bottle. Once salivia touches the molecules, they begin to react.
  • Use the 2 ounce plastic cups that come in every box to measure the amount. Drink directly out of the cup or pour into a plastic or glass cup. Do not pour in metal containers as metal will also activate the molecules. 
  • Wash the 2 ounce plastic cup after each use. I put mine in the dishwasher. 
  • For best results drink 2 ounces two times a day. 

You might be wondering...

How quickly will I feel relief?

Every body is different. Keep in mind your sick cells didn't get that way over night. Some people feel relief right away--about 15% feel it in the first month with daily use. others have more gradual results, I suggest giving the molecules at least 90 days using it consistenly at least 2 ounces twice a day. By the 3rd month, over 90% of users experience healing with daily use. The longer you feed your body these amazing molecules the more your body can heal itself.

However, there are many other benefits that you might see sooner: thicker hair, stronger nails, better sleep, more energy, and so on.  You might even experience some de-tox symptoms which is great because your body is getting rid of the bad cells.    

Is ASEA safe?

As safe as saliva! Seriously, it is. ASEA technology has been able to replicate and then stabalize what's already in your body--redox molecules. These are native to your body. Your body gladly accepts them.  

How much ASEA should I drink?

The recommended amount is 2 ounces twice a day. However, you can adapt the amount to your body's needs. If I "feel somthing coming on" like a cold or sore throat, I drink a couple of ounces. If I had a headache, I drink a couple of ounces. You can drink as much as you need. Remember...these are the same molecules your body produces. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, 30-day, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee. You can contact me directly and I'll guide you through that process. 

Where do I buy these amazing molecules?

ASEA is only sold through authorized associates--that's me! CAUTION--never buy ASEA from any sites like Amazon, E-bay, or Facebook market place. These products are knock offs and contain only water! Here's a product order page: 

Curious for more information?

Recommended by doctors, scientists, nutritionist, and personal experiences. 

The company story. Why they rejected a huge offer from a large pharmaceutical company. 

Active people and athletes increase performance and recovery using redox molecules. 

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Christie Northrup  385-441-2325
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ASEA is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Instead, it feeds our body more of the redox molecules so that our body can do what it natively knows what to do...take care of itself.